Bank of Aquantika.
Prices on pearls in Bank of Aquantika was scaled down 10 times!.
Social Networks.
Aquantika Project was launched also in russian popular social network - VKontakte. Project looks almost like on our main site, but have several differences: interface a little scaled down, pearls price a little higher, Friends menu are avialable.
Aquantika Project site transfer.
Project transferred to new server. All content data was resetted (login data remain the same).
Aquantika Project site is launched!
Since our project reached alpha stage - we cant wait no more and laucnhed this site! Project still in alpha phase and lot of things should be cared about, but it is possible right now to look at the result of our hard work.
Aquantika Project reached Alpha stage!
Finally our project has reached alpha! It will be not so long before everybody can join wonderfull underwater world!